Our Story

Married in 2007 and the proud parents of two young children, Domonique and Lakesha Goode had been praying for a way to create a family business. Through much prayer and petition, the brand “RED33MED” pronounced (ri-deemed) was born on “Good Friday” April 2, 2021 and the online store was officially launched on May 8, 2021.

The "Redeemed" are God's children/His special possession who were won back at a very high cost. Jesus, The Son of God, walked on this earth for 33 long years (the 33 and center of us being RED33MED) performing many miracles, signs and wonders. The death of Jesus on the Cross pays the price of a ransom, releasing those who believe in Him from the bondage to sin and death, while freeing them into Eternal Life.

Domonique and Lakesha are both licensed ministers who have a strong and sincere love for God, each other, and their family.

The mission of RED33MED is “To give God glory and to spread the Gospel by allowing our brand to initiate faith based conversations.”

Psalm 107:2 says “Let the Redeemed of the LORD say so.” Some versions say, “...tell their story,” and that’s what we pray that wearing this brand will allow you to do. To "Tell Your Story" and to “Say So” boldly and with confidence!

Peace & Blessings,

Domonique & Lakesha Goode